Telemarketing is an effective direct marketing method that allows for a proactive approach to sourcing well targeted data, accurately profiling prospects, and engaging with them in a manner that’s results driven, tailored and efficient. Generating quality leads, interest in your products and services and unrivalled sales opportunities both now and in the future, the practice is regarded by many as a component the modern business cannot survive without. When used correctly, telemarketing can help you talk to the people that really need your product, focusing your targeted marketing, increasing ROI and improving operational efficiency across the board.


The GCL Telemarketing Process

At GCL, our experience has led us to create a comprehensive telemarketing solution that’s tailored to your business. We begin by talking to you. By thoroughly understanding your business, its products and its solutions, your goals, potential milestones and ultimate aims, we can identify, engage and nurture the highest quality prospects.

We have an unscripted approach to telemarketing that focuses on real engagement, value creation and quality relationships, so we can better understand the needs of your prospects and create an incomparably successful campaign for you. One size never fits all in business and marketing, and with a collaborative emphasis, the synchronous training and briefing of our teams with you and your business, an unscripted approach to prospecting and a perpetual feed of quality opportunities sent direct to your sales team, telemarketing with us here at GCL Direct could lead straight to sales success for your business. Give our team a call today to find out more, or fill in our online contact form and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.