How I started at GCL?

Scott BarrI started at GCL back in September 1999 after successfully completing my BA Hons degree in Business Studies at the University of Birmingham. I wanted to break into sales and marketing and saw GCL as a good opportunity to gain some first-hand experience. I started on the telephone as a telemarketing executive, I did this role for 12 months, during which time I learnt a lot of invaluable lessons, represented many leading brands and got to understand the GCL business culture. Through a combination of hard work, determination, persistence and passion I have since worked my way up through the business, from telemarketing executive, to inside sales support, to business development manager, to account director and now sales director.

What I do at GCL?

I have overall responsibility for leading and directing the GCL sales effort, drawing upon 15+ years of industry experience selling into the B2B market. My mission is to ensure that GCL continues to be at the forefront of the B2B telemarketing industry through advising and helping our clients achieve outstanding results and ROI from their marketing budget. A large part of my time is spent on identifying, nurturing and ultimately winning new business opportunities for GCL, as well as developing existing account relationships. I also work closely with the Client Delivery teams and the senior management team to ensure that we continue to drive the business forward.

What I like about GCL?

I love the energy and passion within GCL. We are a close-knit team, with a common purpose to grow the business through providing an excellent level of service to our customers. The business has a real sense of family belonging, with many of the team having worked together for several years. We believe in an inclusive, empowered management style that means that everyone can be dynamic in making decisions that affect the business.

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