Project Description

Scott Bullock – Chartered Marketer

Selecting a telemarketing agency is one of the most critical, challenging decisions for a marketing function, as much has to be taken on trust and face value.

My first dealings with GCL were via James Dixon and I found that his knowledgeable, personable approach was invaluable in delivering that all important peace of mind (that comes before the leads!).

Add to this the fact that GCL is a highly experienced agency and has its’ own unique methodologies but the important thing is that they work!

GCL and James in particular, are not afraid to challenge a campaign brief. If they don’t think it will work in the current form, then they will work with you to make a solution that does. That honesty and integrity is vital to a lasting relationship and they have that in spades.

An unusual feature, in my experience, is that GCL retains agents for many years. There are agents working on my campaigns today that I have worked with for years and who continue to deliver the results that keep me coming back.

I have worked with GCL on many UK based campaigns but in industry sectors as diverse as food production and forklifts, all with great success. The key feature is that GCL and the agents want to understand the industry they are calling in to. They want to understand the proposition and why it really benefits the recipient of their calls, not by reading a script.

Bottom-line is this; I am only as good as my last lead generation campaign but with my planning and GCL’s execution… I look good!

Scott Bullock

Chartered Marketer

GCL client for over 5 years

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