Project Description

I have worked with GCL Direct for six and half years across three different companies and in each case I have kept coming back to take GCL with me.

I’ve used GCL for a number of different direct marketing projects from straight-up data purchases and business-as-usual activities to special projects for research and entry to new marketplaces.

Examples include

  • Short research activity for a logistics company into the Iberian marketplace to support a critical tender submission.
  • Sourcing of data for a large software solutions company to support a launch into the Software as a Service (SaaS) market place. GCL sourced data for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) companies in the UK, with a turnover under £15 million and job titles covering finance contacts and business owners.  The project was a huge success and was highlighted by the global CEO as an example of how projects should be run across the company.  The UK subsidiary of the company took the lead in SaaS (where it remains to today).
  • Sourcing of data for a large software solutions company to target SAP and Oracle prospects with finance industry job titles in the UK.
  • A short (six week) research project into the “Accounts Receivable” segment of the finance industry for a software solutions company.  The research was on behalf of a reseller and was part of a co-op marketing scheme. Therefore it was a very ‘visible’ project to undertake.  The goal was to identify 200-300 companies and the right “Accounts Receivable” contacts in those companies as well as ask a number of questions about the challenges they face.  This research shaped the sales process into this segment for the following two years and brought a lot of new, high margin business, as well as locking out competitors.

What makes GCL Direct different is the people. A lot of agencies just take what the client says and do it.  But GCL and especially my account director, James Dixon, have challenged my methodologies on numerous occasions and as a result we’ve come up with much better results. On one occasion GCL even refused to bid for the business from us – which was sensible as in the end we abandoned our line of thinking as we came to the realisation GCL were right, we really were looking at the wrong course of action.

What I really like is that GCL effectively becomes part of the marketing team and I am able to sit down with my team, James, the GCL client delivery managers and even the agents in order to ask questions and thrash out ideas.  This is all part of the open-door policy where I’ve been able to come into the GCL offices , go through my thinking, the company roadmap and make sure the team know what we’re up to. Most other agencies just have a closed door “deal only with your account manager externally” approach. The GCL team provide feedback at all stages of the project i.e. with suggestions to tweak research questions to get better answers. Other agencies I’ve used would just plod along doing as they’re told.  This desire to help with continual improvement is a big, refreshing difference.

Adam Chapman

Global Marketing Director

GCL client for over six years