The premise behind holistic lead generation is that the power of integrated channels is greater than the sum of their separate parts. Every communication conduit has its own strengths and limitations, and integrated strategies leverage the abilities of the different platforms to create seamless composite lead generation channels.

To meet a growing demand for holistic lead generation services, we now offer solutions that bring together the best of both outbound and inbound channels. WIth the direct impact and instant results of telemarketing, and the analytics and reach of digital, we can create campaigns that deliver even greater ROI for businesses looking for optimum growth.

The success of your campaigns depends not on which media you use, but rather on how you use them. A holistic approach enables you to fine tune your campaigns according to the valuable data collected from an extensive range of media – a tailored combination of outbound and inbound. At GCL Direct, our holistic marketing solutions enable more accurate audience profiling and segmentation, thus improving engagement rates and boosting conversion.

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