Lead Generation is not for me

Many consider it a binary practice that either works or doesn’t, and functions in one way and not another. In fact, even with miniscule tweaks and adaptations to the formula, lead generation can impact your results to an incomparable extent, proving for many businesses to be one of the marketing tools they could not survive without.

Why do you do what you do?

We’re passionate about sales and marketing success, so a gap in the sales funnel, an under-filled event or an underactive sales team are the challenges that get us excited. Yes, really! We do what we do because we love building success, performance and integrated campaigns that deliver for our clients.

Where does your team come from?

We’re very particular about our team – after all, they’re our product. They’re the voice of your business and the first contact point for a new relationship. We look for experience, tenacity and personality in our agents, and a commitment to success. It can be a tough job, but we select the best of the best through our telephone and face-to-face interviews, assessment centres and the all-important role-play test.

Where do you source your data?

Data is fundamental to the success of our client campaigns, so it’s imperative we source from the most relevant, comprehensive and detailed data sources. As well as our own in-house database and bespoke lists, we work with EMEA top data originators for our foundation databases. From there we build bespoke contact, detail and communication channels specifically for each of our clients.

Why do people come to you?

We are specialists in the B2B field and whilst we practice our own lead generation techniques to find new business, our clients will often come to us through word of mouth and recommendations from current and previous clients. There aren’t many truly unscripted agencies with the pedigree and demonstrable success that GCL has. When clients really need a campaign to succeed, they’ll find their way to us.

How do you communicate and report to me?

How do you like to communicate? We adapt to our clients to fit in with how they like to work. We insist on making sure our clients are fully informed on the progress, success, pipeline value and conversion rates – how we do that depends on you.From direct input into CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System’s, like SFDC, Dynamics and Workbooks, to our in-house daily and weekly reporting, we wrap all our statistical reporting with real feedback through call recordings and actual conversations with your team. We’re part of your team, so daily calls and weekly round-ups are essential, and our open-door policy ensures you’re fully informed.

How do you measure success?

Ultimately, most campaign activity is measured by outcomes and what it really contributes to your bottom line. We track success across all critical control points because it can take time to see a financial conversion. Critical control points? Yes – all the elements that come together to build a successful campaign, this might be pure conversion, volume of data, increase in awareness or qualified appointments booked. Defining these is a crucial part of the campaign set-up process. So whilst there will be common themes, we work together to set success goals and measure ourselves against your objectives – not arbitrary metrics.

How do you learn about our business?

Every business we work with is unique. Despite 29 years’ experience in supporting B2B sales and marketing teams, we recognise the inherent need to build specific knowledge around your business. To hold truly unscripted conversations and uncover the real quality of opportunities, our team needs to articulate your value proposition effortlessly, and use key skills in identifying and carefully qualifying the buyer’s stage. It’s not an overnight process, but we’ll ask you to share with us what you’d discuss with a new sales person for our research before a round-table training session to review ideas and explore the value proposition.From there we’ll embed this knowledge with the team before analysing the knowledge through test calls and role-plays prior to making any live calls. Unlike most agencies we recognise that knowledge needs continuous building, and we use our voice recordings and live listening technology to make incremental improvements to the knowledge base.

Do you work on a pay-per-lead basis?

The short answer is no. The reason we don’t work on a pay-per-lead basis is very simple because we believe that working to a man-day rate gives clients the best quality results by allowing the telemarketing team to concentrate on quality. Pay-per-lead campaigns are often focused, quite understandably, on quantity over quality, and often lead to disruptive disagreements over the technicalities of what is and isn’t a lead regardless of whether that lead is of any value. GCL concentrates on generating quality leads and appointments using methods such as BANT+A (Budget, Authority, Need, Timescale and Attitude). GCL also gives you the option to run a pilot campaign in order to prove the expected results are achievable and to perfect our approach.