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Marketing data allows a thorough understanding of your market and enables you to create and deliver messages that speak directly to your customers’ concerns.



Our team with over 29 years experience ensures that your sales team has a diary full of appointments, using a non-scripted approach.



Outsource delegate sales, event registration, guest confirmation and post event follow ups for conferences, trade shows and corporate events.

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With over two decades experience as a trusted provider of B2B direct sales and marketing solutions, we can now offer a wealth of expert resources – guides, whitepapers, articles, videos and case studies – for your perusal.


The Secrets Of Successful Lead Nurture

We all want prospects that convert quickly from Suspect to Prospect, Prospect to Lead and Lead to Closed Sale with the minimum of fuss, expense or effort – it’s the nirvana that Department Heads all over the world dream of achieving and moreover what they expect from all B2B Sales and B2B Marketing professionals like you.

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Data Insight, Enhancement And Effectiveness

It’s time for the big push on that new product or solution, the one the CEO has personally been championing.

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How To Buy B2B Data

Data is crucial to every aspect of today’s business and nowhere is this more true than within Sales and Marketing. Alongside your products, services and solutions.

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GDPR Is Here. But What’s Next For Marketers and Personal Data?


Many in the business world tried to ignore GDPR when the news first broke about these new data privacy regulations. But when they realised that keeping their heads buried in the sand wasn’t an option, there was a last-minute scramble to ensure compliance


GDPR came into effect on May 25th, 2018. Yes, there was some fallout, with some companies choosing to close or being forced to, but many adjusted and carried on.


More than a year later, what has the impact been for marketers? 

6 mistakes to avoid when marketing internationally


Many successful brands, leaning on their success in local markets, have taken the brave leap into foreign markets. Unfortunately, some of these brands have stumbled, if not completely fallen on their face. Here are some of the most common global marketing mistakes that companies can make.

Is your marketing strategy “glocally” relevant?


Glocal? No, that’s not a typo. Glocalisation is defined as:


“a combination of the words "globalisation" and "localisation." The term is used to describe a product or service that is developed and distributed globally but is also adjusted to accommodate the user or consumer in a local market.”


To better understand this definition, let’s take a quick look at a brand that demonstrates a very clear understanding of it: McDonald’s.

What Clients Say

GCL and James in particular, are not afraid to challenge a campaign brief. If they don’t think it will work in the current form, then they will work with you to make a solution that does. That honesty and integrity is vital to a lasting relationship and they have that in spades.
What I really like is that GCL effectively becomes part of the marketing team and I am able to sit down with my team, James, the GCL client delivery managers and even the agents in order to ask questions and thrash out ideas. This is all part of the open-door policy where I’ve been able to come into the GCL offices , go through my thinking, the company roadmap and make sure the team know what we’re up to.